"For more than 40 years I have known and played guitars built by Kazuo Sato, which have meanwhile reached a niveau that one has to acklnowledge as „player’s first choice“. I don't know of any other guitars that allow the player to realize his (or her) ideas of sound in such a perfect, effortless and cultivated way. Apart from an optimal position of the strings and the easiest possible response they offer the player an enormous span of dynamics and above all, an unbelievable range of tonal colours and shades. Kazuo Sato's guitars give pure joy of playing."

Michael Koch


„Hideo Sato guitars have an immediate captivating charm about them. The well-tempered colours slumbering in every nerve of the quality timbres he selects, provide the player with a painting palette that will take you anywhere, from the solitary recording studio to the most demanding performing stage. Playing his guitars since 2017 among celebrated instruments by Fleta, Friederich, Ober, Oldiges, Rubio and Romanillos, to name but a few, I feel Hideo Sato guitars more than stand their ground and truly deserve their place as masterfully crafted instruments in their own right.“

Jan Depreter

"For many years I have been playing Kazuo Sato's guitars because of their open timbre which enables playing in any style. Their wide spectrum of colours and the impressive way of how their sound unfolds, supports the player ideally in concert halls."

Prof. Ansgar Krause


„Hideo Sato continues with the spirit and craftsmanship of his father Kazuo. He builds excellent guitars by making use of his unique talent and continuous research effort. Their sound is from enchanting beauty. His guitar carries the sound not only in every corner of the concert hall but also into the hearths of my audience.“


Takuya Okamoto


„The guitars of Kazuo Sato have been fascinating me for more than 15 years now. 
For concerts as well as for recordings, you will be touched by the natural human quality of its sound. It comes very close to the illusion of talking through it with your own voice. This results mainly due to the remarkable musical flexibility combined with big volume and its elegant timbre. Especially in concerts halls, one will recognize the huge projection of this instrument."

Prof. Franz Halász


"I know Kazuo Sato's guitars for more than 10 years now and I am enthusiatic about their voluminous, assertive and yet brilliant and delicate sound. In 2009, when I was looking for a new instrument to realize my perfect sound idea, I ordered a Sato guitar,
model Special, and my high expectations and demands were exceeded! The incredible wide range of dynamics combined with the direct and expressive sound allows the performer to produce a present tone on stage even in pianissimo and the unique and diverse spectrum of tonal colours 
inspires me as an artist every single day."

Tristan Angenedt


„When I first saw and played a guitar by Kazuo Sato, I immediately felt in love with such a wonderful and colourful instrument. I knew then that I had to order one, and I am now a happy owner of a magnificent Sato guitar.“

Pablo Marquez

„From the very first moment, when I played Hideo Sato‘s guitars I couldn‘t stop. It is stunning how many colors she has, how voluminuos her sound is and how comfortable her fingerboard is. These are the three most important things when choosing a concert instrument.“

„Desde el primer momento que toqué mi guitarra de Hideo Sato, no pude dejar de hacerlo. Es increíble la cantidad de sonidos que tiene, su volumen y la comodidad del diapasón. Para mí, tres de las cosas más importantes a la hora de escoger un instrumento de concierto.“

Andres Villamil