Our Guitars

Our instruments have an extraordinary dynamic range and a rich palette of colors. The typical sound of our guitars is intense, warm and nontheless crisp with a clear tonal separation. We are permanently striving for perfection in all aspects of our instruments, which can be seen in the simple and elegant aesthetic, fine feeling, good balance, easy playability and their elaborated sound qualities. As a matter of principle, we use only the finest selection of well-aged tone wood for making our guitars.
By combining all these features we provide the artist with an optimal tool so that s/he can fully unveil his/her musical ideas and creativity even in larger concert halls.
All our models are constructed in a similar way and differ only from the kind and age of the tone-wood, as well as the fine-adjustment of their soundboard.


This model addresses the demanding guitarist, who is looking for a high quality entry into the soundscape of our guitars. The sides and back are made of Indian rosewood, and the soundboard consists of alpine spruce. This model is mainly made by a German master luthier with over 40 years of experience, while the last steps like the fine adjustment of the top, the varnish etc. is made by us. Newer enhancements and refinements from the other models are gradually integrated into this model over the time.

Concert Standard

For our concert standard model, we use finest Indian rosewood and alpine spruce which is seasoned for 10 years or longer. This model is handcrafted by Hideo Sato and encapsulates his sound concept of an open, colorful sound with a bright, yet still warm timbre and an outstanding responsiveness. Its broad dynamic range and excellent projection is virtually indistinguishable from our „Prestige“ and „Special“ models.

Prestige & Special

The model Prestige and the top model, Special, are build mainly by Kazuo Sato. He uses Madagascar, Santos or optional Brazilian rosewood for the back and sides and long-seasoned alpine spruce tops. They have a full sound with rich colors, a warm timbre and an exceptional sensitivity towards the expressions of the guitarist. For the model Special, we use backs and sides with a spectacular grain as well as the oldest soundboards of our stock, which bring more transparency and color into its sound.

Ordering & Custom Models

Of course, we are willing to accept wishes for personalized models. We can customize not only the scale, width and height of the fingerboard, but also bass guitars, 7, 8, or 10 string guitars and guitars with cutaway among others.
To get a spot on our waiting list we request 25% of the price upfront. The remaining sum should be paid before the delivery, or picking up the guitar at our workshop. Please feel free to write us a message to inquire about our prices and current waiting time for the different models.