About us

For over 40 years now, premium classical guitars have been made in our workshop. However, the history of Sato Guitars goes back a lot further than that, taking us all the way back to the 1960s. In 1965 Kazuo began an apprenticeship in Tokio with the master luthier Nobe in Tokio. Six years later, in 1971, Kazuo went on to Oxford/England to the well known master luthier David Rubio. Under his guidance Kazuo began building lutes and guitars. Subsequently he founded his first workshop in Belgium in 1974. Two years later he relocated to Germany. He continues to come up with new ideas and innovations to drive the development of the traditional classical guitar to this very day. Kazuo‘s second passion in life is the photography (s. Flickr).
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His son Hideo who alongside with his brother, Takeo, learned playing guitar with Prof. Ansgar Krause, has pursued the work in the workshop with deep interest already in his early days. Despite his promising career as software researcher in Japan, he decided to devote himself fully to guitar making in 2011. After a couple of years of apprenticeship, he started to build guitars with his father in Germany. Building on his father’s rich experience, he now implements his own ideas in the business. Already his first guitars grabbed the attention of well-known guitarists around the world.
We enthusiastically support the guitar culture in our region by founding the classical guitar concert series „Best of Guitar“, acting as chair members of the non-profit organization „Kultur und Gitarre“, and funding the International Guitar Festival Augsburg.
We frequently collaborate with international guitarists in order to further improve the play- and tone characteristics of our guitars and raise them to a new level. In this regards, our most valuable resource has been the worldwide renowned guitarist and professor, Takeo , since the beginning of his career.